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Praise Music International

Subang Jaya Branch

Ps Irene Choo, The founder of Praise Music International

Praise Music International (PMI) was founded by Ps Irene Choo in 1990. She was at the juncture of giving up teaching music when the Lord touched and inspired her to write down a piano teaching method in four hours.

With this method Ps Irene started teaching students of all ages even those without music background. They will be able to play and self-compose songs in only one-and-a-half years.

Instead of learning to play by notes or play-by-ear which do not allow room for improvisation, this course focused on the “Touch Pro system” which consists of chords, sol-fa, play-by-ear and notes. Chords playing will allow the student to play song differently, reflecting on the person’s personality and creativity. Play-by-ear will allow the student to play songs they like after listened to it. PMI course uses a formula just like a mathematical formula so that students will be able to follow step-by-step easily. They are conducted in group or 1-to-1.

There are now PMI schools in Kota Kinabalu, Kuching, Sibu, Ipoh, Petaling Jaya and Johor Bahru.

PMI has started Touch Pro piano class in Subang Jaya!

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Heavenly Piano Language Downloaded By God

Students graduated from the PMI course

Upon The Lord powerful anointing that lead Ps Irene to write down for four hours an unheard of concept of teaching music in 1990. All through the four hours her baby slept peacefully to allow her to complete the blessed God’s thoughts on paper. Today in 2018 there are thousands of students graduated successfully in this course; a new generation of worshipers on how to flow with the Holy Spirit in playing the piano.

As shared by Ps Irene “So for example, if the Holy Spirit wants to lead us into seeking God, then a slower melody would prompt people to flow with the Spirit and enter into the Presence of God.”

Students without music background can be trained to be a pianist in church, cell group or church functions in merely 1.5 year! This is way shorter than the time taken to learn piano by the conventional method. An average student needed about 8 to 10 years to complete an ABRSM grade 8 course. With PMI four courses, by calculation a student will need 30 to 40 years to complete all four courses then, a much longer period than what PMI offers.

On why the PMI course allow a student to learn faster, Ps Irene said “The Lord gave me the PMI language instead of reading notes. This language helps our students to respond faster from reading the music sheet. Students no longer need to learn to master notes before playing piano, which causes a slower response.”

Ps Irene believes that the piano, due to its full chord and flexibility in offering varying beats, greatly enhances worship. “As we play the piano, the melody inspires us to sing more. We get to worship God longer, because even when we lack words, we can still play a melody. We can go deeper with God.”

“Also, because my heart is to train people for worship, we encourage our students to play the piano and sing at the same time.”

Ps Irene Choon (5th from right) and Pastor Steven Choon, husband (6th from right) together with PMI students graduates

“In church, music is part of worship. But if we have no idea for music at all, it is harder to worship. This course helps student to worship more. And at the end of the course, each student would learn to compose a song.”[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/4″][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column width=”3/4″][vc_column_text]

PMI Intensive Pianist/ Keyboardist Course

2018 younger students graduated from the PMI course

Ps Irene hopes to pass on this legacy of what God gave her 26-year ago by training more piano teachers to teach this course. “I hope to pass this revelation on to more people, so that more worshipers can be raised.”

Would you be interested to learn piano with PMI?

PMI music school in Subang Jaya is strategically located for those interested in piano class and living in area like Subang Jaya, Petaling Jaya, Klang, Puchong, Kelana Jaya or Shah Alam.

Testimonies by PMI Students 

“This 18 months course is simple yet comprehensive enough for me to pick up the skills of playing piano. By the first three months, I am surprised to find myself able to play the melody and chords for some simple songs already.”

Sze Yein, Klang Valley

“I thank God for fulfilling my childhood dream of playing the piano. The first thing I wanted to do in the morning was to play the piano and praise God. I never thought I could learn the piano due to my age and its high fees. But PMI offered me an intensive and affordable course. It only took me one and a half year, and now I can start playing in my church.”

Christine Yeow, Ipoh

“Pastor Irene is a highly experienced and professional teacher. I would recommend this course to anyone seeking achievement and enjoyment in playing the piano.”

Yu Ching, Klang Valley

“I have always wanted to play the piano but never had time. But when I retired, I thought I was too old to learn the piano, as I felt my brain is ‘slow’ and my fingers are rusty. Bu after completing PMI, I am amazed with how I can play many different types of songs – both Christian and pop! I would recommend this to anyone, irrespective of age.”

Dennis Wong, Klang Valley

“I feel so proud and accomplished when I can sing and play chords concurrently with PMI.”

Julianer, Klang Valley

Be a pianist in just 18 months! Register & Join PMI’s Course Preview and Enrolment Day in Subang jaya to find out more about learning piano a fun, easy, systematic & step by step method.

PMI’s Intensive Pianist / Keyboardist Course Preview & Enrolment Day is happening in Subang jaya on 29th or 30th Sept 2018 (SAT or SUN), 3pm to 5pm at Taipan USJ. Open for children & adults (age 9-75).

This is a FREE session, but registration is required. Please call to register with  Sis Alice 013-3888551

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